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The Illinois Cochlear Implant Chapter is a not for profit chapter of the national Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

We are a support group that offers individuals who face a common challenge the opportunity to seek out emotional support and practical help in dealing with a major life change. We provide an atmosphere of caring, sharing and support in times of need, most importantly during the implant decision process. We do this by having meetings on Cochlear Implant related topics six times a year, by publishing a newsletter for members and maintaining this web-site. The chapter is run by and for its members.

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Illinois Cochlear Implant Chapter
The Walk4Hearing is September 28 with registration at 9am. This is our only fund raising event. While the walk in Lincoln Park is a lot of fun, you don't need to be there to help. You can simply sponsor walker on the team by clicking on the link the below.

If you would like to really help - be a walker on our team. The website makes it easy. It will help you solicit your friends and family to sponsor you. It handles the email and tracks your progress. If you haven't done this before, do it this year and have some fun at it!