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The Illinois Cochlear Implant Chapter is a not for profit chapter of the national Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

We are a support group that offers individuals who face a common challenge the opportunity to seek out emotional support and practical help in dealing with a major life change. We provide an atmosphere of caring, sharing and support in times of need, most importantly during the implant decision process. We do this by having meetings on Cochlear Implant related topics six times a year, by publishing a newsletter for members and maintaining this web-site. The chapter is run by and for its members.

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This year the convention will be even more amazing. HLAA is celebrating their 35th year!

Every year the HLAA convention is held in medium sized city. The location moves around from year to year. This year, the convention is in St. Louis, MO, June 25-28. It isn’t cheap, but it is an amazing experience. The full activity package for national members is $359. Hard of Hearing Veterans get a free pass for most everything except the banquet. Visit for all the registration details.

The hotel this year is fantastic. The historic St. Louis Union Station has been converted from a railroad terminal to a Doubletree hotel. Everything will be right there. Room rates are $159 a night plus tax. Parking is $8 a day. If you drive, you might prefer less expensive lodging at other nearby hotels.

A lot of people will drive from the Chicago area. If you would like a passenger or are looking for ride, visit the HLAA Forum at You will need to register as a forum member. After logging in, scroll down to "HLAA National Activities". A special ride share topic may have been created by the time you read this since there will be a lot of people trying to match rides. This forum can also be used to find roommates to cut down the cost of lodging.

Hearing Loss Convention 2015